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Deliver precise recommendations and discovery to your users, without the high cost and complexity

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Built for developers

Designed to integrate seamlessly into your existing tech stack


Data integrations

Integrates directly with your data warehouse and analytics applications


Available through an API

Retrieve personalized recommendations from your bespoke model through a simple-to-use API


Real-time event stream

Send user events to Braum for improved recommendations in real-time


Up-to-date recommendations

We re-train your bespoke models every few hours with your latest set of data


Configurable system

Customize the recommendation system to meet the specific needs of your business.



Scales to support millions of users, and billions of interactions. Your models grow with your business.

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Integrate any data source

Braum supports all the data sources you need to make precise recommendations for your users.

Databases and data warehouses

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DAta streams

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We’re continuously adding more adapters

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it has never been easier to get personalized recommendations


Personalized recommendations increase engagement

Users want tailored experiences that help them discover content that they otherwise wouldn't have found.

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Frequently asked questions

For when your only question isn't "when can I use it?"

Can I deploy multiple ML models with Braum?
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Yes! In general, we’ve found that different models are better suited to different types of recommendation systems. That’s why we enable you to quickly and easily create a new model for each of your use cases.

How is Braum better than e.g. Algolia or AWS Personalize?
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For the companies above, recommender and personalization solutions are an afterthought to their core business. For Braum, it is our expertise. We pre-train and maintain cutting-edge ML approaches and adapt them for your use case.

How do you handle my data?
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Security and privacy are a top priority to us. We take great care in securing your data pipelines and treating them as sensitive information. We fetch, train, and immediately discard your data.

Why shouldn’t I build this in-house?
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Recommendation systems are expensive to build and even more expensive to tune and maintain. Braum handles all of this for you, allowing you to get up and running for a fraction of the cost.

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